Rodolfo (Rudy) Corona

Rodolfo Corona

I am a second-year PhD student at UC Berkeley in BAIR co-advised by Trevor Darrell and Dan Klein.


Through my research, I hope to contribute to the understanding of how intelligent systems form concepts and abstractions necessary for high-level reasoning, starting from sensorimotor input. Work in compositionality, abstraction, and embodied cognition is of great interest to me. I am fascinated by the notion of operationalizing self-reflection and self-awareness in machines, and am motivated by the thought that studying AI is an introspective exercise in itself :)


I am also passionate about contributing to efforts working to diversify the AI community and make it more equitable. Currently, I am a co-organizer of RIIAA, a Mexican AI conference and summer school aimed at catalyzing the usage/development of AI in Latin America by forging connections between the Latin American and global AI communities. I am an officer in Bias Busters, coordinator in the BAIR mentoring program, and a mentor in the From Day One program.


Prior to this, I spent a year working with Zeynep Akata in the Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab through the support of a Fulbright Student Research grant. I received my bachelor's degree in computer science from UT Austin, and was fortunate to get introduced to research by Ray Mooney and Qixing Huang.

I am currently supported by a Ford Foundation fellowship and am an NSF GRFP fellow. Prior to this, I was funded by a Berkeley Chancellor's fellowship.

I am proud to come from the navel of the moon.